July 12, 2013
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Chrome Free Conversion

Chrome Free Conversion

RoHS Compliant Conversion Coating
MIL-DTL-5541 Type 2 Class 1A, 3


  • Trivalent Chromium Coatings
  • Hexavalent Chrome-Free
  • Meets European RoHS Directive, ELV Directive, and WEEE
  • OSHA PEL Compliant Chemical
  • Excellent paint base
  • Stand alone corrosion resistance
  • Electrically conductive

The new European RoHS directive now requires the elimination of hexavalent chromium compounds in the use of electronic and electrical equipment.

Midwestern Anodizing offers a conversion coating for Aluminum, which meets this requirement. Using METALAST TCP-HF. The Conversion coatings produced, provide excellent paint adhesion as well as good quality corrosion resistance, along with electrical conductivity.

Meets Military Standard MIL-DTL-5541 Type II, Class 1A and 3

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